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How does LIVE Concert Tix benefit the Concert Association?

Check Mark Multiple Purchasing Options:

Give your ticket buyers every way possible to purchase a season ticket, single ticket, donation, you name it:

  • Online Credit Card Orders
  • Box Office Credit Card Orders
  • Box Office Check Orders
  • Box Office Cash Orders
  • Gift Certificates

Check Mark Integrated Customer Database: 

Manage and communicate with your customers with a built-in database that is updated in real time during the purchase process:

  • Located in a Safe and Secure Data Center
  • Import Existing Customers
  • Maintains Customer Order History
  • Customizable Customer Questions
  • Consistent and Reliable for Years to Come

Check Mark Built-In Email Communications:

Send personalized renewal and event reminders to your customers right from the software:

  • Easy Email Design Tool
  • Personalize With Built-In Mail Merge
  • Records Email History
  • Print a Hard Copy for Those Without Email Addresses
  • Stay in Touch

Check Mark Increased Sales: 

Let the power of today’s technology work for you by putting the latest purchasing options in front of new customers:

  • Reach a Younger Demographic
  • Facebook Integration
  • Print At Home Ticketing / Bar Code Scanning
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Online Donations

Check Mark Easy Migration: 

Making the switch is easy! Maintain your current business practices while adopting features of the software as you need them:

  • Use Your Existing Order Form for Check Orders
  • Use Your Existing Hard Stock Tickets
  • Import Your Existing Customer Database
  • Style the Online Ticketing Site Like Your Existing Website

Check MarkFull Service Support:  

Live On Stage is going to stand by you year after year. From setup to curtain up, you can count on us to be there when you need us.

How do you get started?

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LIVE Concert Tix is a service provided by Live On Stage Inc, a premier entertainment provider that is steadfastly committed to providing entertainment excellence!

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