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How do You Get Started With LIVE Concert Tix?

It’s easy to get up and running with the LIVE Concert Tix software.  Live On Stage is going to walk you through the process from start to finish. When you “Go Live” with your new ticketing portal, you will feel confident that you have chosen the right solution. So, how do you get started?


Bullet Point Sales Agreement

After your free software demo, Live On Stage will send you a Sales Agreement for your review. Once we receive a signed Sales Agreement, you are off and running.

Bullet Point Questionnaire

Next, we will define the concert association’s LIVE Concert Tix  “System Administrator” and will send them a questionnaire that will provide us with the information we need to set up the software.

 Bullet Point Merchant Account

Live On Stage will submit an application for your own merchant account. The software license and the merchant account are two separate accounts that work together to process the order and deposit money into your bank account. Live On Stage has negotiated the best possible rates for both the software license and the merchant account.

Bullet Point LIVE Concert Tix Setup

While the merchant account is being approved, Live On Stage will initiate the setup of the LIVE Concert Tix system based on the information we collect in the questionnaire. This includes setting up your corporate information, venue, seating, events, subscription packages, donations and the customer database.

Bullet Point Merchant Account Integration

When the merchant account is approved, Live On Stage will integrate the merchant account with the LIVE Concert Tix software and run tests to make sure all is working properly.

Website Approval

Once the LIVE Concert Tix software is set up, Live On Stage will send the concert association’s “System Administrator” a private link to the ticketing web portal for approval. It is important for the concert association to approve the verbiage and pricing that their online customers will see before the system goes “live.”

  Administrator Training

Once the web portal is approved, Live On Stage will schedule a training session with the concert association’s “System Administrator.” This  is an hour long session that will provide the necessary information needed to “Go Live.” This includes installing the administrative software and becoming familiar with the admin panel, the sales panel and reports. Armed with this knowledge, the  “System Administrator” can operate the system solely or delegate duties in the software to other concert association board members.

 Check MarkGo Live!

Once the concert association is comfortable with the system, the private link is posted on the concert association’s website and the system is then “live,”  ready to start selling tickets!

 Bullet Point Follow Up Training and Support

In the few weeks following the “Go Live,” Live On Stage will schedule a series of follow up training sessions to teach the advanced features of the system including reporting, tracking ticket fulfillment and the built-in email features.

We at Live On Stage understand the nature of the volunteer organization in that time is precious.  You can count on us to assist in setting up the software for your concert series each year and to be here when you have questions. We want to ensure that you have a successful season!

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LIVE Concert Tix is a service provided by Live On Stage Inc, a premier entertainment provider that is steadfastly committed to providing entertainment excellence!

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